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Rob Manton (Guitar/Vocals)
Matt Parry (Bass/Vocals)
Ben Howarth-Lees (Drums)

Hey Bulldog are the saviours of Manchester rock 'n' roll. Favourites on the live circuit of their home town and gaining acclaim beyond it's frontiers, their sound is a bluesy psych jambalaya of hot riffs and saucy grooves.

Frontman Rob is a 21st century gunslinger, fingers dancing and notes flying. He sings with a Mid-Atlantic holler that helps provide the band with a peculiar sense of dislocation that results in Hey Bulldog sounding that they could have originated from anywhere, and any-when.

Rob founded Hey Bulldog, named from the Beatles song of course, with the intention of making music that was a 100% representation of the music he wanted to make.

Matt is a four string swashbuckler, providing the groove in an age of psych which can often leave little bass space.

Drummer Ben is a blur of arms, often shifting out of the capacity of the human eye. Whether it's holding a rock steady groove or bursting into expansive, showman style acts of legerdemain, he's a Tasmanian devil on a leash.

The remarkable quality of Hey Bulldog is their status as a power trio in an age which has forgotten the power trio. Each member is as highly skilled and as pivotal as the next. Together they take the sound higher and groovier. Rob provides the muscle, Matt the groove and Ben the fireworks.

Their last release was the critically acclaimed Amazing Radio playlisted single 'Under My Spell' which was a synapse-burning ride through rock 'n' roll's past, present and future.

Before that came the BBC 6 Music Recommended 'Makin Friends Not Millionaires.'

Their new single, 'Divide and Conquer' which was mixed by EMI producers Boe Weaver (Archie Bronson Outfit, Pete Molinari, Whyte Horses, Wolf People) and exclusively revealed on Radio X as John Kennedy's Xposure Hot One is a perfect studio snapshot of the live sound which makes it clear to understand how crowds are sucked in.

Skyscrapers of guitar, the relentless scurry of the bass all captured. Each controlled detonation; each crack of the whip is here. 'Divide And Conquer' is a perfect exhibition for Hey Bulldog's vision.

They've been played by Steve Lamacq , Chris Hawkins BBC 6 Music, Radio X, Planet Rocks/Mojo Magazine's Phil Alexander, BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio.

They've been reviewed by Little Indie Blogs, Vapour Trail, Killing Moon and Backseat Mafia.

They've supported Moon Duo, Syd Arthur, Joel Gion, Hooton Tennis Club and more alongside breaking onto the UK festival circuit.

Let Hey Bulldog show you what rock music can be.

Words By Jared Richardson

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circular disc with gray border containing the text: played on amazingradio
I really like this, there's some great riffage on this track.
Steve Lamacq BBC 6 Music
Like a garage rock band with Perry Farrell as the singer. Great stuff, I really like it!
John Kennedy,
Radio X Xposure
The band sound great!
Tom Robinson BBC Introducing
I love this! A real blend of melody and edginess.
Gary Crowley BBC London
The band are brilliant, I love This Single.
Charlie Ashcroft Amazing Radio
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